Good For a Chuckle!

Check out some of the new and funny refrigerator magnets we received at Jilly’s Happy Home today!


Lots  of fun, for just $3.95!  These four magnets are for sale at Jilly’s Happy Home now, and I’ll have many more for sale very shortly.   Happy Tuesday, everybody!


If You Believe I’ll Be There

While having dinner at the Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware this summer, I fell in love with a painting that was hanging on the wall next to me:  a sailor in a boat, looking far and wide for something, and a mermaid relaxing not far away.  The sailor doesn’t notice the mermaid, and the message on the print says, “If You Believe I’ll Be There.”  I had to have this print, both for me and for sale at Jilly’s Happy Home!  I wrote down the name of the artist, Barbara Olsen, and searched for her on the internet when I got home. 

I learned that Barbara Olsen is a famous artist, who began working on her art full time in 1980, when here three children were grown.  Her work has appeared all over the world, including in the private collections of Presidents Reagan and Bush, and in museums and Children’s Hospitals all over the country.  Articles detailing her work have appeared in many magazines, and the mayor of San Francisco, based on her significant artistic achievements, named October 25 Barbara Olsen Day in that city.   

I ordered this gorgeous “I Believe” print for the store, beautifully matted and framed, and ready to hang:

During my search, of course, I found many other prints by Barbara Olsen, including this one of love.    It says, “First Love, Best Love, Last Love.”  This piece is a collage, including a boat that reads, “Love Boat” in individually cut-out  letters.   What a touching message!

We have this print beautifully matted and framed and ready to hang, as well:    These very special, framed and matted pieces of art will make a fabulous gift for someone you love.  Both prints have been signed by artist Barbara Olsen, and are for sale at Jilly’s Happy Home for $199.95.  Come have a look at , under New Arrivals.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

A Cool Website for Architectural Artifacts

I’d like to share a very cool website that I have come across in my web travels!  Urban Remains is a Chicago company that, “deals exclusively in the reclamation and recycling of american antique architectural artifacts and other oddities found among commercial and industrial buildings or residential structures.”

Although the Urban Remains website offers for sale hundreds of recycled architectural artifacts from old buildings, have a look at just a few of them:

This breathtaking comedy mask, c. 1928, was removed at the time of a movie theatre demolition in Chicago, IL.  At 16″x 24″, wouldn’t this mask look fabulous hanging above a fireplace, or any other indoor or outdoor wall? 

Another really interesting antique piece posted for sale at Urban Remains, is this sign:

Hand-painted, the early 20th century sign would be a great gift for my father, who owns two hotels in Washington, DC. 

I ran into Urban Remains when I was looking a vintage stained glass window to hang in my kitchen.  Check out this beauty from the early 1880’s, which hung centrally for many years, at a Chicago three-flat:

Wow, such beautiful colors and detail!  Urban Remains has this piece currently listed for $595.00.  Despite some expected wear, it is in great condition.  What a gorgeous piece of artwork for today’s home! 

Here is a picture of the Urban Remains Chicago showroom, a place that I’d love to visit:

 What fun it would be to look at all of these historical artifacts!  A final picture I’d like to share is of this old sign.  Things sure don’t work this way any more, do they?  This old sign, a reverse painted window from the 1930’s,  was salvaged from an old Chicago Woolworths store. 

So, for a whole lot of fun, and an interesting American history lesson, go visit the hundreds of very cool architecural artifacts now for sale at Urban Remain, Chicago: .

Fun With Renie Britenbucher…at Jilly’s Happy Home!

I am very pleased to announce that Jilly’s Happy Home will now be offering gifts for sale made by one of my favorite artists, Renie Britenbucher!  I originally found Renie’s art a couple of years ago, when I was shopping for a mermaid art print to hang above my bed:

What a unique and whimsical mermaid, for sure!  Several months ago, when I was shopping for cool items for Jilly’s Happy Home, I friended Renie on Facebook.  Once Jilly’s Happy Home launched, Renie liked the site enough to agree to sell her artwork with us! 

To begin with, we will be selling fun, wooden keepsake boxes.  Renie’s artwork appears in a fabulous ceramic tile at the top of every, high quality box.  Here are a couple boxes we’ll be selling: 

These beautiful hardwood boxes have a high-gloss lacquer finish, and are perfect for storing jewelry and mementos.  Each box interior is fully lined in velvet, the bottom is covered with felt, the spring-loaded hinged lid stays open without tipping the box over, and snaps closed securely.  At just $32.95, what a great gift!

We will also be selling cute, washable, 100% cotton canvas totebags with Renie’s artwork, like these:

What fun to carry your stuff in these unique bags!  At just $26.95, these tote bags are a super steal.
Welcome, Renie Britenbucher, to Jilly’s Happy Home! 
Visit Jilly’s Happy Home at , “Like” us on Facebook at Jilly’s Happy Home, and please send us an email at if you have any questions.  Happy Monday!

Laini’s Ladies!

Looking for a reasonably priced and very unique gift for your best girlfriends?   Artist and writer Laini Taylor has created the perfect gift for you!  “Laini’s Ladies,”  are 9″ lacquered adornments with retro faces, shining beads, and beautiful ribbons that feature wonderful inspirational messages.  This is the PINK lady:   

She has such a happy face, and her message, a quote by Audrey Hepburn  makes me happy: 

“I believe in PINK.  I believe that happiness is the best calorie burner.  I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.” 

This darling lady hangs in my kitchen window, and I look at her every day. 

Laini Taylor’s original dream was to illustrate children’s books, but she soon found that she enjoyed working with collages and mixed media.  One Christmas she made jointed paper dolls for gift tags on her family’s Christmas presents, and found that everyone loved them.  Laini’s Ladies was then born.  She took a bunch of them to a local craft fair, and sold the entire lot in one afternoon.  Here is another inspirational lady:

The quotation by Howard Thurman is a strong one: 

“Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. What the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Here’s another lady, with a comical message:

The message:  Setting a good example for children takes all the fun out of middle age.

One of the coolest things about Laini’s Ladies is that they are printed on both sides.  The ladies can be hung anywhere in the house; Laini Taylor hangs her ladies at her desk, to get inspiration when she writing and creating. 

We have more Laini’s Ladies on sale at Jilly’s Happy Home for just $12.95 each.  Come visit, come shop! 

If you have any questions, please contact us at .  Follow us on Facebook at Jilly’s Happy Home.  And certainly visit us at the store:

Have a great weekend, everybody!


A Red Crab, a Purple Octopus, and an Orange Seahorse

I went to visit my beach cottage a couple of weeks ago, taking along my good camera with the hope to share some pictures on my blog.  Here are a couple of shots of my living room there:

Since the time that I took these pictures, two large, gorgeous hook pillows that I ordered months ago for sale at Jilly’s Happy Home have finally arrived.  Please have a look at big Red Crab Pillow, on the sofa above, and the Purple Octopus, on the darling, polka-dotted chair, lower right.   

The awesome Red Crab will look great on any bed or sofa; red matches everything!  The Purple Octopus is a bluish-purple, and nicely complements the Red Crab.  Both pillows will look better still when you put the two together with the hot Orange Seahorse pillow, also available for sale at Jilly’s Happy Home:

These three unique pillows are of high quality, and look super together!  You don’t have to have a beach cottage, either; they will look great anywhere.  For a closer look, please visit us at , under Terrific Throw Pillows. 

As for the other furnishings in my pictures above, I got the awesome wicker furniture and the glass table lamp from Pottery Barn , the fantastically colorful painted furniture and the polka-dotted chair and pillows from Russell & Mackenna , the beautiful watercolor giclee painting from , and the colorful coffee table book from one of my very favorite restaurants, .

We love feedback and questions, so please feel free to contact me at !

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Have a look at this cool print by Kathleen Taylor Studios, which is on sale today for just $26.95, at Jilly’s Happy Home:

We all need to let our freak flag fly sometimes!  This print is so much fun.

I also love this Kathleen Taylor print, which touches my heart:

She writes, “I think my children are the best thing I’ve ever done.   There are places in the heart that you don’t even know exist until you’ve loved a child.”

I’ll share one more awesome Kathleen Taylor print:

“Be Happy.  Smile & count your Blessings.  Life is Good.  Be glad you are you.”  I think we all can use this reminder now and then.

We have more Kathleen Taylor prints available at Jilly’s Happy Home, all on sale today!  Find them in the “What a Sale!” category.  What fabulous Christmas presents for people you love!  Please visit at , or email at

Have a great weekend!

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